Eli Thompson

played by Shea Whigham


Shea Whigham got his start in New York theatre as the co-founder and artistic director of the Rorshach Group, but quickly made a name for himself in film and television, starting with his stunning debut in Joel Schumacher's 'Tigerland' opposite Colin Farrell.

Many roles quickly followed: David Gordon Green's 'All the Real Girls'; the international film 'Out of this World,' directed by Saamoto Junji; the television film 'Faith of our Fathers'; as well as work in major studio productions such as 'Bad Company' (working again with Joel Schumacher), 'Man of the House,' with Tommy Lee Jones, 'Lords of Dogtown,' directed by Catherine Hardwicke, 'First Snow,' with Guy Pearce and the Sundance hit and Independent Spirit Award nominee 'Wristcutters,' with Patrick Fugit. His recent movies include 'Splinter,' New Line's 'Pride & Glory,' directed by Gavin O'Connor, the Universal hit 'Fast & Furious,' Werner Herzog's 'Bad Lieutenant' remake starring Nicolas Cage and the indie films 'Barry Munday,' 'Spooner,' 'Radio Free Albemuth,' 'The Killing Room,' and 'South of Heaven.'

His upcoming credits include 'The Conspirator,' directed by Robert Redford, and Robert Rodriguez's 'Machete' with Robert DeNiro.