Angela Darmody

played by Aleksa Palladino

Jimmy Darmody's common-law wife.

Character Bio

Jimmy Darmody’s common-law wife Angela got pregnant before Jimmy went off to war and was raising their son Tommy on her own for the three years before his return. An aspiring painter who found companionship in a female lover, Angela has had to give up her dreams to start over with Jimmy.


Aleksa Palladino, a native New Yorker, began her acting career at age 14 when she landed a lead role alongside Scarlett Johansson in the indie hit 'Manny & Lo.' Since then she has starred in many film and television projects, including 'The Adventures of Sebastian Cole' and Todd Solondz's 'Storytelling.' She was cast in Sidney Lumet's two most recent films, 'Find Me Guilty' and 'Before the Devil Knows You're Dead' before joining the cast of 'Boardwalk Empire.' Aleksa is also a songwriter, singer and musician, playing in the band Exitmusic with her husband, Devon Church.  She lives in Brooklyn.

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