The Couples Behind Hung, In Treatment and Big Love

Mar 11, 2011

The Los Angeles Times talks to the married writer-creators behind shows such as 'Hung,' 'In Treatment' and 'Big Love' and how they juggle their home and work lives. While all three couples are happy with their collaborations, such partnerships aren't without the occasional conflict. "I'm more of a workaholic," says Mark V. Olsen of 'Big Love.' "Will [Scheffer] likes his down time. You start with the archaic assumption that it will be 50/50, and it is overall, but initially I became resentful - 'Why isn't he cranking out the pages?' - and he became resentful - 'You aren't respectful of my process' - so it took a while to realize that 50/50 doesn't look a certain way."

The Los Angeles Times

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