Wayne Henrickson

played by Keegan Holst

The older of Nicki's two sons, Wayne is a handful...

Character Bio

The older of Nicki's two sons, Wayne is a handful -- often challenging his mothers' patience. Though he doesn't quite grasp the family's complicated arrangement, he is getting to the age where he is beginning to realize that there are secret forces that cause Bill's fatherhood to dissolve past their doorstep.


A native of Southern California, Keegan started acting at the age of five when he starred in a pilot as the son of Annie Potts and Timothy Busfield. His older brother in the show was played by Douglas Smith.

Keegan has worked in commercials and was officially dubbed the “Cute Kid” in the 2005 FedEx Super Bowl commercial with Burt Reynolds.

He as also appeared in ‘Days of Our Lives’ and in the film ‘Voodoo Moon’ directed by Kevin Van Hook.

When he is not filming ‘Big Love,’ Keegan likes to be a normal 10-year-old, playing baseball and soccer and perfecting his skateboarding skills.

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