Wanda Henrickson

played by Melora Walters

Joey's wife and second cousin helped save the former football pro...

Character Bio

Joey's wife and second cousin helped save the former football pro when he was down on his luck. She's still very protective of her husband, and a few poisoned compound residents demonstrate just how far she’ll go to keep him from harm. Joey's interest in a second wife, Kathy, challenged Wanda's jealous streak, but she eventually came around to both Kathy and the idea of a sister-wife -- proving, once again, that Wanda would do anything for Joey. Kathy's untimely death, however, cut short that exploration.


Born in Saudi Arabia, Melora Walters spent part of her childhood in Holland before moving to NY. As a young adult she was active in sports and dance, both of which helped to shape her desire to perform. After studying abroad, she returned to America to pursue a career as an artist at the Pratt Institute in New York.

With the encouragement of her art professors, Walters began to write plays and experiment with acting. With persistence and determination, she soon found her way to the legendary Actor's Studio, and she began performing in various off-Broadway productions, including 'Scream and Dances of Bronx Bear' and 'Burt Lancaster' at the Manhattan Class Company.

Melora is best known for her haunting performance as the drug-addicted yet sympathetic Claudia in the critically-acclaimed film 'Magnolia.' She can also be seen in 'Matchstick Men,' 'Cold Mountain' and 'The Butterfly Effect.'

Other credits include 'Rain,' 'Wise Girls,' 'Boogie Nights,' 'Hard Eight,' 'Dead Poets Society,' 'Eraser,' 'Ed Wood' and 'Twenty Bucks.'

Walters has also made many appearances on the small screen. Her television credits include 'Push, Nevada,' 'L.A. Doctors,' 'Roseanne,' 'NYPD Blue,' 'Picket Fences,' 'Seinfeld' and Showtime's telefilm 'Dead Man's Revenge.'

Walters is also an accomplished artist, writer and painter. A book of her poetry and prints entitled 'Sonnets & Failures' will be published by Finishing Line Press in July of 2010.

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