Tancy Henrickson

played by Bella Thorne

Teenie Henrickson is Bill and Barb's third child. Unlike her older siblings...

Character Bio

Teenie Henrickson is Bill and Barb's third child. Unlike her older siblings, Sarah and Ben, Teenie scarcely remembers her family's former life. She was just a baby when Nicki joined the family, and she is closer in age to her younger half-siblings, Nicki's boys Wayne and Raymond, than she is to Sarah and Ben. Because of this, she sometimes doesn't understand how different the Henricksons really are; when she nominated Barb for Utah's Mother of the Year, it nearly caught the attention of the state’s Attorney General. With an independent spirit and mind of her own, Teenie is often an inadvertent trouble-maker.


Bella Thorne works triple-time as a television actress, film star and model. In addition to Big Love, Thorne can currently be seen on the small-screen as "Annie," Cheryl Hines' daughter, on the new hit ABC sitcom 'In the Motherhood' with Megan Mullally, as well as in the web-series 'Little Monk,' based off the Emmy-award winning show 'Monk.' On the big screen, Thorne leads the psychological thriller 'Forget Me Not' as the bullied, revengeful, orphaned "Angela" opposite Cody Linley, which just premiered at Screamfest 2009, as well as the gory horror flick 'Corpse.'

Thorne recently won a Young Artist's Award for her portrayal of "Ruthy Spivey," Christian Slater's daughter, in NBC's newest hit-show, 'My Own Worst Enemy' and is also known as "Margaux Darling," daughter of Billy Baldwin's morally corrupt "Senator Patrick Darling" character in ABC's 'Dirty Sexy Money.' Coming up, Thorne is set for the big screen release of 'One Wish' and just wrapped filming as the female lead in the upcoming coming-of-age story, 'Raspberry Magic.' Thorne's versatility has kept her a top pick among directors across the country.

Also nominated for a Young Actor's Award for her ground-breaking performance in FOX's 'The O.C.' as the tormented frenemy of Rachel Bilson, Bella piqued interest among critics early on in her career.

Before moving audiences worldwide to tears, this Florida-native took center stage as the only spokesperson for Texas Instruments, the face of major brands and designers as H&M, Guess and Aldo. With an irresistible draw and mesmerizingly innocent gaze, modeling comes naturally to Bella, who, with a head tilt and wink, has graced the covers of many national and international catalog covers while appearing in over 40 commercials.

Her voice and presence is just as distinct as her gorgeous looks, providing voiceovers in box-office hits as 'Ant Bully' and remaining one of the most sought-out voices in Hollywood.

A philanthropist at heart, Bella devotes any free time she has to helping The Nomad Organization, her personal charity that works to providing aid to children in Africa. Still a kid herself, Bella has a weak spot for children's charities and makes an effort to do what she can to make sure all children have the same opportunities to succeed as she did.

The youngest of four in a talented family of actors (sisters Dani and Kaili and brother Remy are actors, as well), Bella worked diligently to overcome a slew of horrific personal tragedies. Before losing her father in an untimely vehicular accident in 2007 and beloved grandmother just shortly after, Bella struggled to overcome Dyslexia. Teased at school for her learning disability, she became homeschooled to eventually surpass the expectancies of her grade level. Bella worked through all her struggles by immersing herself in her craft and has more than proven to her siblings, friends and the industry that she is a force to be reckoned with.

When she's not modeling for top designers, booking roles on award-winning TV shows or landing lead slots in box-office hits, Bella enjoys all things active -- dancing, playing soccer, playing with any of her multiple pets and of course, spending time with her superstar family.

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