Rhonda Volmer

played by Daveigh Chase

At fourteen, Rhonda was the youngest bride-in-waiting of Juniper Creek leader...

Character Bio

At 14, Rhonda was the youngest bride-in-waiting of Juniper Creek leader Roman Grant. Her new status as prophet's wife gave her a petulant sense of entitlement, which extended to temptations outside the boundaries of the compound – a world she discovered she wasn't entirely prepared for when she ran away. Much more manipulative and much less naïve than she initially appears, Rhonda often manages to get people to give her help she doesn’t always deserve.


A native of Albany OR, Daveigh Chase has been seen and heard in more than a dozen films and TV shows, including:

FILM: ‘Lilo & Stitch’ (2003 Oscar® Nominee); ‘Spirited Away’ (2003 Oscar® Winner); ‘The Ring;’ ‘The ‘Ring 2;’ ‘Donnie Darko;’ ‘Beethoven's 5th;’ ‘The Rats;’‘The Only Witness;’ R.L. Stine' ‘Haunted Lighthouse’ THEATER: ‘Songs From the Tall Grass;’ ‘UTAH! the musical’

TV: ‘Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures’ (series lead); ‘The Adventures of Lilo & Stitch’ (series lead); ‘Oliver Beene’ (series regular); ‘Fillmore;’ ‘Cold Case;’ ‘CSI;’ Family Law;’ ‘Touched by an Angel;’ ‘ER;’ ‘The Practice;’ ‘The Lot.’

AWARDS: 2003 MTV Movie Awards Winner: Best Villain in a Feature Film Role: Samara in ‘The Ring;’ 2003 Annie Award Winner: Outstanding Individual Achievement in Voice Acting for an animated feature film Role: Lilo in ‘Lilo & Stitch’.

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