Nicolette Grant

played by Chloë Sevigny

Bill's second wife, Nicki, is the daughter of Juniper Creek compound leader Roman Grant...

Character Bio

Bill's second wife, Nicki, is the daughter of Juniper Creek compound leader Roman Grant and Adaleen Grant, one of his many wives. When she hit her early 20s, Nicki moved to suburban Salt Lake City to help Bill and Barb Hendrickson with child care and soon became Bill's second wife. Entrenching herself further into the family, Nicki bore two of Bill's children, Wayne and Raymond.

Book-ended by Margene’s youthful naiveté and Barb’s mainstream aspirations, Nicki frets over the family’s moral course and does her best to correct it, whether that means tough-love confrontation or not-so-subtle manipulation. Of the three, Nicki stands in strongest support of the Principle, but she also struggles the most with her personal demons, including assimilating into non-compound life, and properly raising her teenage daughter Cara Lynn, whom she is still only getting to know.


Chloë Sevigny will next be seen on the big screen in 'Mr. Nice,' opposite Rhys Ifans and David Thewlis. This is the true story of international drug dealer and U.K. spy Howard Marks, based on his 2002 best-selling autobiography. Bernard Rose wrote the adaptation and directs. The film was shot in London and Madrid and premieres in the UK in February and the U.S. shortly thereafter.

Chloë will also be seen in 'My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done,' directed by the German arthouse director Werner Herzog, with whom Chloë also worked in Harmony Korine's 'Julien Donkey Boy.' David Lynch is executive producing the film which is loosely based on events surrounding a San Diego man who acted out a Sophocles play in his mind and murdered his mother with a sword. The film will be in theatres in January 2010.

Production recently wrapped on the independent film 'Barry Munday.' Written and directed by Chris D'Arienzo, Chloë stars with Judy Greer and Patrick Wilson in this very dark comedy. 'Munday' was adapted by D'Arienzo from Frank Turner Hollon's novel 'Life Is a Strange Place.'

In addition to films and television, Chloë 's second fashion collection is now in stores under the label: "Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony." The first collection was women's wear and was a huge success across the United States and the world. The current collection is men's wear / unisex.

Making its world premiere at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival was 'The Killing Room,' in which Chloë stars opposite Timothy Hutton, Nick Cannon and Peter Stormare in the psychological thriller. Chloë plays one of four volunteers who sign up for a paid marketing study, only to realize they are being used as subjects in a deadly government program. The film was directed by Jonathan Liebesman and written by Gus Kreiger and Ann Peacock.

Past films include: 'Zodiac,' 'Sisters,' 'Lying' '3 Needles,' 'Broken Flowers.' 'Mrs. Harris,' 'Melinda and Melinda,' 'Dogville,' 'Demon Lover,' 'Shattered Glass,' 'Party Monster,' 'Boys Don't Cry,' 'A Map of the World,' 'American Psycho,' 'Julien: Donkey Boy,' and 'KIDS.' Other film credits include: Steve Buscemi's 'Tress Lounge,' Harmony Korine's 'Gummo,' for which Chloë also was costume designer, and Whit Stillman's 'The Last Days of Disco.'

Stage credits include: The New Group's 'Hazelwood Jr. High,' written by Rob Urbinati and directed by Scott Elliot.

Additionally, Chloë is currently the face of the perfume of the French fashion house Chloë . In the past, she has been the face of / spokesperson for: Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, the Gap, and MAC Cosmetics.

Chloë lives in New York City.

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