Joey Henrickson

played by Shawn Doyle

Character Bio

Joey is Bill's younger brother by seven years. Once an all-star athlete, Joey was a golden boy growing up; he was allowed to stay on the compound through his teenage years, leaving him less embittered about his upbringing than his older brother.

But his athletic career eventually faltered, and an injury left him addicted to painkillers and eventually homeless. Wanda, his adoring second cousin, found him on the streets and brought him back to the compound, where they married and had a child. Joey struggled over whether he could live the Principle, and once he and Wanda finally came to terms with taking Kathy as a second wife, she was killed on their wedding day under suspicious circumstances. For a while, Joey served as Bill's eyes and ears at Juniper Creek, but he was unable to keep his rage about various injustices -- in particular those perpetrated by Roman Grant -- in check.

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