Bill Henrickson

played by Bill Paxton

Bill was born at Juniper Creek, a breakaway polygamy sect in rural Utah...

Character Bio

Bill was born at Juniper Creek, a breakaway polygamy sect in rural Utah, to Lois Henrickson and Frank Harlow, the oldest of three children, a brother and a sister, only one of whom, Joey, still survives. Frank kicked both Bill and Joey off of the compound when they were teenagers and Bill has struggled with his complicated connections to the compound ever since.

Soon after Bill entered the University of Utah, he met his future wife, Barb. Together, they became entrenched in the Mormon Church and were married in a traditional temple ceremony. The two graduated from college, Barb with her teaching degree and Bill with a business degree that served him well when he opened a small appliance store called Henrickson's Home Plus.

It didn't take long for them to have their first child, Sarah, followed by a son, Ben, a year later. They rounded out their family with Tancy ("Teenie"), a daughter born seven years later. The family shared a fairly conventional life for a decade, before welcoming Nicki, Bill's second wife, into the family. Bill and Nicki had two sons: Wayne and Raymond. Margene joined the family soon after as Bill's third wife, and quickly became pregnant with Aaron, followed by Lester, and baby Nell.

As his business started booming, Bill bought three adjacent homes in a Salt Lake City suburb and situated each wife in a separate house with her children. A flirtation with a waitress, Ana, lead to an out-of-wedlock affair - and pregnancy. Eventually Ana decided the Principle wasn’t for her.

Determined to get polygamy accepted by society, Bill outed his family the same night he was elected State Senator. How the state and his constituency will accept the news remains to be seen.


Bill Paxton has been working steadily as an actor in Hollywood for the past 25 years. In that time he has amassed a large and diverse body of work in every genre. He has appeared in several blockbusters including 'Titanic,' 'Aliens,' 'Twister,' 'Tombstone,' 'True Lies,' 'Apollo 13,' 'U-571' and 'Vertical Limit.'

In addition, he's worked as a producer on the feature film 'Traveler,' and as a director on 'Frailty' and 'The Greatest Game Ever Played.'

Moving to Hollywood from Fort Worth, Texas at 18, Paxton began his career as a set dresser on Roger Corman's 'Big Bad Mama.' After working in the art department on several features, he moved to New York to study acting. Returning to Los Angeles in 1980, he met James Cameron while moonlighting as a set dresser on the low-budget sci-fi movie 'Galaxy of Terror.' Subsequently he started landing his first acting jobs, in the B-horror movies 'Mortuary' and 'Night Warning.'

After gaining critical attention in the John Hughes comedy 'Weird Science,' Paxton's performance as the small-town sheriff in Carl Franklin's 'One False Move' marked his emergence as a leading man. In 1998, Roger Ebert cited Paxton as his best actor choice for his turn as Hank Mitchell in Sam Raimi's 'A Simple Plan.' In addition, he received a Golden Globe® nomination that year for his performance as Colonel John Paul Vann in HBO's 'A Bright Shining Lie.'

Paxton is also known as a cult favorite for his work in movies including 'Near Dark,' 'Boxing Helena,' 'Streets of Fire,' 'The Dark Backward' and 'Broken Lizard's Club Dread.' Other credits include 'Mighty Joe Young,' 'Thunderbirds,' 'Trespass,' 'Indian Summer,' 'The Evening Star,' 'Pass the Ammo,' 'Frank and Jesse,' 'Navy Seals,' 'Predator 2' and 'The Vagrant.'

Paxton is the first and only actor to have visited the wreck site of the Titanic with James Cameron for the documentary 'Ghosts of the Abyss,' making four descents two and a half miles down to the bottom of the North Atlantic.

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