Ben Henrickson

played by Douglas Smith

As Bill's oldest son, Ben has a lot to sort through...

Character Bio

As Bill's oldest son, Ben has a lot to sort through. His father and mother, Barb, were in a monogamous marriage when he was a boy, and he has seen the changes wrought by the growth of his extended family. But Ben very much admires his father, and he's considering following his footsteps and adopting The Principle. After losing his virginity to his girlfriend, Brynn, he eventually broke things off and rededicated himself to a virtuous life. He's challenged in this effort, however, by feelings for his father's third wife, Margene.


An accomplished songwriter and musician of ‘His Orchestra’ and ‘Alaskan Summer,’ Douglas' music has been featured in film and television, including PlanetGreen's ‘AlterEco' (starring Adrian Grenier) and the Lifetime sitcom ‘Rita Rocks.' Most recently, Douglas wrote and performed the theme and bumper music for the ABC Family sitcom ‘Roommates.' His Los Angeles-based indie pop band, ‘His Orchestra,' for which he provides lead vocals, guitar and piano, released their album in early 2009 with production work done by Jimmy Tamborello (The Postal Service), David Trumfio (Wilco) and Carlos Nino (Mia Doi Todd). Music Connection listed ‘His Orchestra' #8 in their Top 25 New Music Critiques of 2009. ‘His Orchestra' was also featured in Billboard magazine for their anti-piracy PSA.

While on hiatus from Big Love, Douglas starred as the titular character in the Genie Award nominated dark comedy ‘Citizen Duane' directed by acclaimed Canadian director Michael Mabbot. In 2007, Douglas participated in the Sundance Director's Lab, in ‘The Cavanaughs.' His other recent feature work includes the independent feature ‘Rock the Paint,' winner of the Tribeca Film Festival's Creative Promise Award.

Prior to his television work on Big Love, Douglas' had several guest roles on network television including a recurring role on the original ‘CSI' as well as a memorable spot on ‘Everwood,' where he starred opposite his real-life older brother, Gregory Smith.

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