Adaleen Grant

played by Mary Kay Place

Nicki's mother and Roman's fourth wife, Adaleen is a pragmatist...

Character Bio

Nicki's mother and Roman's fourth wife, Adaleen is a pragmatist who accepts life on the compound as righteous and correct. Beneath Adaleen's sunny exterior is a not-so-passive aggression that speaks to some bitterness with her lot in life. Most recently, that includes being impregnated by JJ Walker, her daughter's ex-husband, to whom she was sealed after Roman's passing.


Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Mary Kay Place was first critically acclaimed for her role as country singer Loretta Haggers on the hit comedy series 'Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman,’ for which she won the Emmy® for Best Supporting Actress in a comedy. After working for the head writers of 'Maude’ at Norman Lear's Tandem Productions, Place began co-writing for numerous TV series, including 'M*A*S*H’ (for which she earned an Emmy® nomination in 1973 with Linda Bloodworth) and 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show,’ among others.

Since then she has appeared in 47 feature films including 'Bound for Glory,’ 'New York New York,’ 'Private Benjamin,’ 'Starting Over,’ 'The Big Chill,’ 'Citizen Ruth,’ 'Manny and Lo’ (for which she received a Best Supporting Female nomination from the Independent Spirit Awards), 'The Rainmaker,' 'Girl, Interrupted,' 'Being John Malkovich,' 'Sweet Home Alabama,' 'Nine Lives,' and 'Lonesome Jim.'

Place's numerous television movie and series appearances include 'My So Called Life,' 'Law and Order: Special Victim's Unit,' 'The West Wing,' and 'Grey's Anatomy.' She has also worked as a director in television, helming episodes of 'Baby Boom,' Dream On,' 'Arli$$,' 'Friends' and other programs.

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