Scientifically Proven Addiction Treatments

Is there any way to know if an addiction treatment approach has been shown to be effective? Yes. Scientifically validated approaches are called evidence-based treatment.

Careful scientific study has shown such treatment to be safe and effective. According to the federal Institutes of Medicine, evidence-based medicine describes an array of healthcare initiatives to ensure that patients' medical care is grounded in the best scientific knowledge and is specifically appropriate for them. The care should be supported by the best research evidence, delivered by caretakers with proven expertise and reflect the patient's values. In the last decade, mental health experts, insurance companies and government agencies have strongly encouraged the use of evidence-based treatment. In 2004 Oregon passed a law, for instance, that required state-funded treatment programs to provide scientific evidence that shows the programs that they are funding "incorporate significant and relevant practices based on scientifically-based research" and are cost-effective.

To improve the likelihood of receiving effective care for an addiction, seek treatment grounded in scientifically proven practices. Learn how to find out if a program offers evidence-based care.

Scientists have learned which addiction treatments are most effective. Mental health experts, governments and insurance companies now strongly encourage treatment counselors and doctors to provide care that is grounded in the best scientific knowledge.