The Adolescent Addict

Total Running Time: 26 min. (All four chapters)

Two effective therapies are profiled in this program:

a) Multi-Systemic Therapy: A New Outpatient Approach Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST) is an outpatient treatment modality that engages not only the addict, but the addict's community, family and environment.
b) Phoenix Academy: A Profile of Residential Treatment

The adolescent brain is not fully developed, making a young person extremely vulnerable to drug and alcohol addiction. Co-occurring disorders such as anxiety or depression are typically present with adolescent addicts. It is stressed that identifying and treating these problems, as well as the addiction, are crucial. Experts discuss how families can deal with the challenging dynamics of an addicted adolescent while at the same time seeking the right treatment. For some teen substance abusers, the structure of long-term residential treatment is necessary. While not new, this therapeutic community approach has evolved and softened its confrontational roots.