Jon Alpert

Jon Alpert ("Saturday Night in a Dallas ER") has won 11 National Emmy® Awards for News and Documentary Programs and one National Emmy® for Sports Documentary. Most recently, he directed HBO's acclaimed "Baghdad ER." Over the past 30 years, he has consistently gained access to behind-the-scenes events of historical significance and interviewed world leaders when other reporters were shut out. After the Vietnam War, he was the first American TV reporter to film in Vietnam. He made the first American documentary about Cuba after the 1959 revolution; when Fidel Castro came to address the United Nations in 1979, his team was the only non-Cuban reporters allowed access to Castro. After the Gulf War, he was the only American reporter to interview Saddam Hussein. More than a hundred of his reports from Vietnam, Cuba, the former Soviet Union, China, Nicaragua, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq and all parts of the United States have been widely broadcast on HBO, NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, ESPN, and Canadian and Japanese major networks. Alpert is the co-founder and co-director of the Downtown Community Television Center, America's largest and most honored non-profit community media center, located in a landmark Tribeca firehouse.