The vast majority of people who suffer from addiction encountered the beginnings of their illness as teenagers.

Learn more about the particular ways that substance use threatens the still-developing adolescent brain.

Adolescents undergo treatment for alcohol dependence more than for any other substance use. The federal government's surveys show what other drugs teens use.

Although the path to alcoholism usually takes time, it can begin in the early teens, especially if an adolescent has certain risk factors. Learn key warning signs and questions to ask about drinking in the teen years.

Some practical tools for parents to help their teens avoid becoming addicted. A critical step: addressing substance use problems as soon as the warning signs appear.

Teens and adults use the Internet in a variety of ways to support their drug use. Law enforcement officials are growing increasingly concerned about the illegal online sale of drugs to teens. One leading official has called this phenomenon a "vast threat."

Young people are particularly vulnerable to the Internet sale of drugs without prescriptions. Informed parents can increase their vigilance about this dangerous trend.