Other Programming Information FAQs

Does HBO have information on merchandise or locations that appear in HBO programming?

If we do have location or merchandise information related to an episode it would be listed as part of the related content for that episode on this website. If it is not listed, it is because the information is not currently available to us.

Does HBO have information on the music used for your promos and your programming?

Sometimes. Many promos use excerpts from commercially available music, although some are scored with original tunes and are unavailable.

As for the music featured in programs, they are usually credited in closing credits, although sometimes producers may withhold the information in anticipation of releasing a compilation CD as was done with the first season of The Sopranos. Whenever possible, we will provide the music credits and track information along with the corresponding iTunes link as part of the episode information for that particular program.

Where does HBO hold casting calls for its programming?

HBO does not do the casting for its programs. Originals are produced by outside companies, and they organize and carry out casting. While these companies have sometimes used HBO offices for casting calls, they have, more frequently, carried them out outside the company. How those companies choose to announce casting sessions - or even if they decide to publicly announce them - is at the discretion of the production company.

How can I get an autographed picture of someone on an HBO program, or send them a personal letter?

We do not provide direct contact information for people affiliated with our programming. However, if a particular performer or program producer has provided us with an address for fan mail, we will forward to them all fan mail we receive for them here at HBO. Whether or not they respond, and in what manner, is entirely at their discretion.You should know that many celebrities have been advised by security experts against responding to fan mail.

How can I visit the set of one of your shows?

As a rule, we do not make shooting locations open to the public. Obviously, with music and comedy concerts and sports events, there is an audience but the selling of tickets is typically handled by the promoter of the event; not by HBO.

The last several minutes are getting cut off when I record HBO programming. Are there any tips for recording your shows?

On occasion, HBO programs may run longer than their designated times. When recording, it is recommended that you add five minutes to the time you would ordinarily have your recorder turn off (e.g. - If Big Love is scheduled to end at 9:30 PM, program your recorder to turn off at 9:35 PM). If using a DVR, consult your DVR manual to allow additional time for scheduled recording. Please note, these instructions do not pertain to the recording of live events. In such cases, the times listed may vary significantly due to the unpredictable nature of such programming.

Is HBO programming available for use in the classroom?

Some movies and documentaries are available for use in the classroom. Many HBO documentary titles are available for educational use through Films for the Humanities and many have teaching resources available as downloads from this website. A good resource for educational television programming information is the Time for Kids website.

Submissions of teleplays and proposals - How can I submit and idea for a movie to HBO?

HBO does not accept submissions directly. Therefore, we suggest that all scripts, screenplays, treatments, dramatizations, anecdotes, treatises, rousing yarns, fables, inspiring narratives, thrilling legends, sagas, epic poetry, intriguing whodunits, newspaper articles, one-act plays, short stories, skits and novellas be sent to the literary agency of your choice. All submissions to HBO must come through an agent.