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  1. What is HBO Family?

    HBO Family is the home of commercial free, non R or TVMA-rated programming selected to satisfy the needs of different age groups.

    From 6 AM until 9 AM, HBO Family offers educational and entertaining original series for pre-schoolers. Starting at 9 AM, there are predominantly G and PG-rated movies which are of interest to young viewers as well as grown-ups. After 2 PM, hit PG-13 movies are added to the mix, chosen for after-school viewing by older children. The nightly movie at 7 PM is a destination for the Family audience to find the channel's most popular titles.

    From 8:30 PM until 6 AM--when young children are asleep--HBO Family features movies and specials with a more mature feel, targeted toward adults who prefer programming without objectionable content.

    Visit the  HBO Family  website.