HBO Home Entertainment FAQs

Are all of your original programs available on DVD or digital download? How long after an original appears on your service, will it appear on DVD or be made available for digital download?

Not all HBO originals are made available on DVD or for digital download. Most of the sports events such as boxing matches are not made available, however HBO original movies and mini-series events routinely are made available 6-12 months after the premiere. Also, our more popular original series such as True Blood, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Big Love, etc - are released in season packages, though there is no routine schedule as to when each season is offered on DVD or for digital download.

Interested viewers can always check the News section of the individual series web page for announcements on upcoming HBO Home Entertainment releases or go to the HBO SHOP® directly to browse existing titles.

How can I order a program that I watched on HBO?

Please go to the HBO Home Entertainment/DVD page at to order videos of HBO Original Programming.

Are HBO videos for Region 1 (U.S. market) only?

Yes. By law, because we are US-based, we can only sell Region 1 videos. Therefore, these videos can only be read and viewed by equipment from Region 1.